Power Blendz Smoothies By Elite

Power Blendz provides the highest quality, best tasting functional smoothies available, along with our fitness 

plans and nutrition to help our clients achieve their fitness goals

We invite you to stop by and try a smoothie.


Power Blendz Nutrition and Elite prides itself on creating the best tasting smoothies made with the highest quality ingredients. Our proteins, meal-replacements and supplement additives have won the approval of health and nutritional experts. In addition, our all-natural, freshly frozen fruit purees are free of corn syrup, preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavors.

Taste and Consistency

When we combine our quality ingredients with our simple recipes, the end result is the perfect smoothie, every time. Outstanding taste is what sets us apart from the rest of the field, and the reason why we have won countless taste tests in our area. 

Simplicity and Connection

Keep it simple. That notion is one of the reasons why we have achieved such tremendous customer satisfaction. We make it easy for people to understand the Power Blendz Nutrition concept and how our smoothies communicate to their fitness and nutrition goals. 

Credibility and Information

Power Blendz Nutrition is more than just a beverage concept. As fitness and nutrition experts, we utilized our knowledge to design our exclusive Poster Coach and Counter Coach systems. These tools were established to help the customer understand the way functional smoothies relate to an individual's fitness, nutrition and health goals. Based on genetics and approved health and nutrition standards, these "coaches" use body type and the desired results to identify the right smoothie for the customer.

Buy 7, Get 1 Free

Come in and try our smoothies. We know you will love them. They taste great and are good for you. They are so good that we know you will buy 7 real fast. Don't just take our word come try for yourself.